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Noisy sound of a drone hovering

The noisy loud buzzing sound of a drone hovering, which can be either a relaxing sleep sound for drone and bee enthusiasts, or an annoying sound to bother people with. Either way, here is 10 hours of loud drone sounds for all your static buzzing drone sound needs.The video fades to a black screen after 15 seconds

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More sounds for sleeping

Here are some suggestions for other noises to check out if this one wasn’t what you were looking for. See also the homepage for the latest sleep sounds posted

The whirring sound of a Philips hand blender running for 10 hours, making a high-pitched sound as it's just mixing the air in front of the audio recorder. This can be used as a sleep sound during the night if you like these kinds of noises. Video has a black screen after 15 sec
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Last updated May 1. 2022
The sound of a drone making a whirring noise while on high speed, without propellers attached. 10 hours of noise for sleeping, if you like this kind of static sound. The drone is loaded up with 2 passengers while my dog is doing the final inspection, poking his nose on it
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Last updated May 4. 2022
Brown noise for sleep that lasts for 10 hours. Brown noise is the deepest sounding of the white, pink, and brown noises. The sound is quite similar to a waterfall heard from a distance. If you like listening to sleep sounds when you go to bed, try this brown noise
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Last updated May 1. 2022

Free sleep sounds album

This free album from our SoundCloud account contains 15 tracks of various sleep sounds for your bedroom, including the popular white, pink, and brown noises

The latest sleep sounds posted
Microwave oven sounds

Microwave oven sound

The sound of a microwave oven running for 10 hours to put you to sleep at night, that is if you like listening to various static noises like this in your bedroom. This microwave sounds like an old model, making humping and bumping noises as it keeps on cooking and cooking

Blowtorch sound for sleep

Blowtorch sound for sleeping

Relaxing sound of a blowtorch for falling asleep at night, if you like listening to noises like this in your bedroom. If you are looking for a new sleep sound for your collection, give this blowtorch noise a try tonight. This swooshing deep sound can remind a bit of a jet-engine

Diesel engine sound

Sound of a diesel engine

The quite calming sound of an old diesel engine whirring about for 10 hours. This is a nice sleep sound to play in your bedroom if you like listening to static sounds and want to try something new, unless you already have a diesel engine sound in your collection

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